To Those Who Are A Little Sad in Autumn

Dear you,

It seems as if the cool forecast travels deep into your bones, surpassing your muscular tissue, surpassing your stability.. it travels down to where it truly hurts. Of course, you fight it. How can you let the mere weather threaten all of the work you’ve done? Those countless nights spent in the dark: analyzing those gritty parts no one wants to look at. Wondering why you could have possibly messed up your past. Ripping apart those old templates of yourself. That shit takes work… and not the kind anyone can possibly enjoy until they’re finished. Looking back on the project you’ve started called yourself, overjoyed that you’ve made it.

But that damn cold weather. It challenges you to question your hard-earned work. It challenges that adult that resides within you, tempting the id child to lash out once again. In short, it challenges you.

So, this is for all of us who struggle when the temperature drops. This is for the warriors, the once who are terrified at the thought of relapsing. Let me tell you a secret, love: life is cyclical. Better yet, within those cycles are waves of highs and lows. Neither can be avoided, neither can be prolonged more than you can handle. Particles of the sun are made of you, just like particles of Pluto are made of you. The balance of these energies becomes the goal.

Sending my support for those affected, your hard work has and never will be shed.

Yours truly x


Do You Remember the 21st of September?

Goodbye, August. You carried me through the waves of life, cycles that were re-opened and re-closed. I could tell you wanted to end so quickly, what were you running from? Or running towards? Perhaps, you just wanted peace. Anyways, your hastiness caused an upheaval of spiraling emotions within us all. We were all individuals bits of the salad, molecular components of: tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, dressing. You were the tongs. Your control frightened us, to be frank.

We ask ourselves, on the 27th of August, what lessons have we learned as a whole? What lessons were customarily engraved just for me? For one, the whole needed their realities questioned. They ask, “Is this what truly makes me happy?”, “Am I on the right path?”, “Why do I feel off about XYZ?”.

I ask, “What do I stand for?”.

Truth. Grounded stability. Changes that better support my foundation, not falter it. In this month, my emotions could not keep a grasp on  a singular stance. Fleeting in all directions, in all vibrations. Today, I feel more different than I have in my 21 years of such a short life. No longer do I leave ellipses for the unknown. No longer am I unable to embody concrete establishments. No longer do I waver. Today, on the 27th of August, I answer myself: my truth is unraveling. A red carpet runway calling out my name to walk upon. Integrating with what I have striven for. And yet, the journey has just begun.


So, I welcome the 21st of September. I welcome stability. I welcome knowing what I resonate with and what does not resonate with my inner being. I welcome love, friendships, future prospects. I welcome Earth, Wind, & Fire.



for you, to you

speckles of warm melodies revolve around your etheric body

they hum the thoughts you were never able to voice

their sad tunes reflect

regret, loss, defeat.

all i wanted.

but then, the cello beams brilliantly

its strong hues reckon truth be revealed.

expansive. Jupiter.

you know damn well.

these are the melodies your soul sings

these are the hymns i hear, my bird.

these are the

confessions of your love.

do not fret,

i can see you.


– SA

Stacy: The Odd One Out

This is Stacy’s Story:


I was born in South Korea, came to the states at seven years old. I spent majority of my life in the states. I lived in Fort Worth then moved to a small town called Mineral Wells and continued my middle school education and there onward.

I had a hard a time growing up because racism and never-ending bullying. During the hard times, my goal was to go to UT and make my parents proud. We came to the States w nothing but a vision for a greater life for me and my younger sister. It was incredibly hard for them, to have nothing and come to the US and build a foundation for 20 years.

In High School, no one can relate to me. We were the only Asians and no one in our world wanted to know anything outside of their tiny, little boxes.

I was very naive and quiet… socially awkward. Reason I got bullied, was because the town was very conservative and in the middle of no where. My parents had a business and did well, but i never flaunted what we had. My materials (school supplies, clothes, anything else) were cheap and mostly consisted of savings, yet others assumed I had money and gave me shit for it. Bullying happened because I was different, yet was able to get what I needed. They didn’t accept me.



There was definitely a cultural difference. The town is low class and has a lot of drugs, very poor town with low education.  I was bullied because I had a different culture and it was also jealousy because I  did well in primary school without much effort. College was different story, I struggled so much with academics and my future. In High School, it was different.

I was in ESL for three years, English is my second language.  Before I moved to Mineral Wells, people liked me in elementary. Mainly because I grew up in Fort Worth city. I was surrounded by Blacks, Latinos, Asians. I fit in there.

It was interesting in my small town, seeing minority ‘fit in’ in fear of also being ridiculed by the white population. They ‘acted’ white and ridiculed me also. Which is funny, because our struggles were similar. They had the  ‘be with them rather than against them’ mentality. I think the racism I encountered by the white population was mainly because my family was stable despite the trouble, we were grounded and had a good future in terms of education. The town was poor, but my parents sacrificed so much. They also gained a lot to help us achieve an education.

My reaction to bullying: I went into my shell and it hindered me when I was younger because I was ultra-sensitive. Got made of for my real name (Seung yeon), things a child shouldn’t ever have to go through. How awful is it to deal with being made of for something I had no control over?



I was able to overcome the hardships and it made me grow because at home I had a solid family  foundation. It obviously hurt my folks, but we stuck together, along with my little sister.

My sisters class was different, they liked her. They thought of her as ‘fascinating’ because she was unique and the ‘girl from a different country’.

In middle school, people were nice but spread rumors.  Shit like ‘she told this person this’, childish things and I was the target.

What hurt me most: this one girl everyone disliked got popular, she then made people turn their backs on me. I never talked shit or looked down on her. It’s almost like her subconscious needed to place blame on someone else (me) to take the target off her back and keep her popularity.


I tried laughing with them than be laughed at, but it got old. I was bad at confrontation and showed me emotions too much. Me crying easily was a joke to them.

Now at 26, those experiences helped me realize some things you can’t take too serious and how to protect myself from those experiences again. I’m better at standing my ground but still am ‘very weak and sensitive’. It helped me not judge people by the book and get to know them. Because I had that happen to me. I was that girl, so I try not engage in the same rude behavior.”


What It Means To Be a Twin Flame

July has been an trans-formative, uncomfortable, but necessary month for all of us in terms of energy shift. More so for those on the awakening path: twin flames, light-bodies, indigo, etc.

In jest of this, I wanted to write a piece on my personal + the collective experience of what being a twin flame entails. The good, ugly, and loving aspects of the journey. In my own timeline, there has been A LOT of ugly. Pain, anger, resentment, betrayal. However, past the dark night of the soul(s), I have found unconditional love, acceptance, and empowerment.

My story started at the tender age of 12. As many of you are thinking, isn’t that a little early? Yes. For years I mistook my journey as a foolish crush in result of teenage hormones. After six years of being separated by oceans and land, we found ourselves united in a city we both had no prior connection to. Austin, Texas. Fate. We re-claimed our love and started a romance. I didn’t know I was a twin until I was forced into separation in the summer of 2017. Through my heartache of my relationship ending, I found answers. I found the purpose of this relationship… which has and always will be self-discovery.

I want to stress to everyone, a twin flame partnership is not about an actual, romantic relationship. It is about union. Union of your 3D self merging with your higher self, then onto the collective self. It is about healing past-trauma that is mostly subconscious. It is about realizing your demons, your toxic behaviors. It is about self. A twin is merely a conduit that mirrors these negative energies back to you. A twin allows you to see the darkest parts of yourself through their own behaviors. A twin reflects.

During this time of separation, I began my awakening journey. I will be damned if I do not admit this is the hardest thing I will ever undergo in my life. Through my numerous tears, illusions, projections, I found myself. I have been separated for over an year and counting, and everyday I heal my wounds. Everyday I fall in love with parts of myself I didn’t know needed loving. Everyday I purge. Everyday I am faced with a mirror.

Today, I sat down and cried. Why? Because a part of my ego hated being on this journey. “Why can’t this be easy?”, I pondered. “Why can’t we just be normal and be together?”.  “Why is it so fucking hard, why are there lessons that need to be learned?”, I asked my higher self. Deep down, I knew the answers. I signed up for this difficult road.

This journey will test you until you find yourself in a corner. Until you confront your demons, your parts that you deemed unlovable. Until you accept and transmute that energy into something loving. Until you face yourself.

The result? Union. Union with yourself, firstly. Union with claiming your power back. Union with loving others unconditionally. Union with combining with the collective energy. For some, Union with your Twin. I need to stress this: physical union with a twin may not always manifest. However, I do believe all awakened twins in this life will unite physically once the energies of both parties are balanced. Yet, that should not be the goal. It took me months (and I still struggle) with the possibility of a once again romantic relationship with my twin. Yes, it would be nice. But, this is not my goal entirely. You can never manifest a true physical union until you manifest a union with your own soul initially.

To my self: Honor your “Divine Feminine Energy” tattoo. Honor your truths.

To my twin: I know you are also awakened. I feel your energy always. In my heart, I know separation is a false illusion. We are together in the spiritual realm. Be kind to yourself, work through balancing your energies. Release and attract, my love.

PS: green skittles are the best, you’re right.